Friday, 29 October 2010

Enthausiasm is high!!!!!

Following on from my research in the last post i was in the mood for a bit of painting so i did some concept art of the Serengeti. The quality of the image below is not great but i will bring the art to uni to see in more detail. Also watched a few videos of the sunsetting in the Serengeti and observed the changes of light closely maybe all the group will need to do this at some point.

Then i played with maya and some how came up with this (at the bottom of he post) which is heading in the right direction to what we need to do check out images below.

Concept art

Maya light test

Serengeti Experience???

I have been thinking about this project alot since we got it and have been thinking of places that inspire me and places i feel that we could adapt to create a great environment.

First off i will say we need to get the ball rolling so im gonna throw ideas out there and go from there.

Right first idea is adapting the beautiful and mesmeric surrounding of the "Serengeti migration" its so great and would be a challenge but i reckon by working hard i think we can create an awesome environment.

I am inspired alot by african art and this style of imagery could work beautifully in our cartoon approach to modelling.

Also animating would be no issue with so many species of animal living in the Serengeti and also the Masai tribes of Tanzania and kenya and also the very important animation of light changes. This is such a visually appealing place and lighting will be key in creating a adaption of the Serengeti.

Research for african art is widely available in london and at the british Musuem they have room dedicated to africa. Also in a few days we will have access to one of the best documentaries ever made and was shown at Imax in 1994 "Africa : The Serengeti". I feel this idea lends its self to our cartoon approach so let me know what you think. :)